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Bootstrap 4 Beta: Where are all my favourite classes gone?

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Stunning Text Animation with SVG and CSS

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Successful SEO

Successful SEO with fast loading Websites and Optimization

Successful SEO is no longer dependent on the content only. There are millions of websites out there that want to be noticed. They all try to land the first place on Google with fancy keywords and sophisticated headlines. In the SEO scene you often hear "Content is King" and everyone is concerned with the topic […]

Have a look at this amazing Mouse Over effect at

This effect has caught my attention immediately. Incidentally discovered, I find this site is a tip for our readers. There is nothing more to add. Just awesome!
GIPHY GIF Generator

GIPHY the GIF generator makes the GIF for you

Looking for a GIF generator where you can simply upload a video, and finally a finished GIF comes out? Then GIPHY is just the thing for you! We have recently discovered this site, and have been using it ever since for our articles and other projects. GIPHY works especially well with videos, which were recorded […]
Auto-generate slug WordPress

Auto generate a new URL slug in WordPress

WordPress is a wonderful and practical tool. And it has some very smart features, such as automatically creating the search engine-friendly URLs during the design phase of an article. Once an article is live, the URL path no longer changes when the header changes. This is a clever feature, but sometimes you'd like the URL […]
Growl Messages

Growl Messages with Notify.js are really cool

Most of us know Growl messages from various web applications or as the famous Notification System for Mac OS. They are the small pop-up windows, which only display a short message at the edge of the browser screen and disappear after a few seconds. This can be useful, for example, when completing a form.
Bootstrap 4 CSS Animations

Bootstrap 4 Cards with some extra Magic

The Bootstrap 4 Cards are a great idea of their creators. They look good and are practical to use, especially because of the possibility to use them as a kind of masonry grid. But sometimes it may be a bit more for the eye. In this article, I'll show you some little CSS library to […]
Promote a facebook page

5 Ways to promote a facebook page

Promoting a new Facebook page, and more particularly keeping it interesting for your fans or visitors, takes more than just creating a great cover photo, investing money into bought likes, or posting web articles without comments every now and again. Read here, how to promote a facebook page.
Acquire customers on the web

Acquire customers on the web: 6 tips for more contacts

Whatever your business is, you need to acquire a website in order to get customers. The Internet offers you a range of really inexpensive ways that you can use as a smart businessman or businesswoman in your favor and also should your friends. I will show you here, 6 tips from my own experience, which […]
What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?

Once you start concerning yourself with your internet presence, at some point you might come across the term landing page. As the name suggests, it is a page that visitors “land” on. And that is exactly the purpose of said landing pages. They are the runway for potential customers or clients.