5 Ways to promote a facebook page

Promote a facebook page

Promoting a new Facebook page, and more particularly keeping it interesting for your fans or visitors, takes more than just creating a great cover photo, investing money into bought likes, or posting web articles without comments every now and again. Read here, how to promote a facebook page.

Of course, these factors play a significant role in the success of Facebook pages. However, it is important to keep your visitors engaged – ideally on a long-term basis. And that is precisely what I would like to focus on in this Facebook tutorial, hoping to provide some inspiration in the form of 5 simple tips that every page admin can easily implement.

Tip 1: Add text to link posts

Quite often you can see Facebook pages posting links to websites. This is of course encouraged by the fact that Facebook more often than not automatically reads text and photo material of a website and presents it in the form of a stylish pre-made post. However, my personal experience from different projects has shown that visitors show little interest in an external article if the page admin merely publishes it without adding a comment. Thus, if you add a short remark, such as “What do you think about this article, let us know in the comments,” the visitor will feel encouraged, and it is much more likely that he will react to the post. Since the friends of the reacting visitor can see that he wrote a comment, the awareness of your Facebook page will grow at the same time.

Tip 2: Posting links in comments

With heavily commented posts or images, your own comment combined with a link can generate additional traffic. Many of the other comment authors will receive a message like “John Smith has also commented on a post…”, which automatically leads to a majority of them clicking back to the post to read the latest comments.

Tip 3: Ask users to do something

You could call it the “golden rule of advertising”, urging users on the internet to carry out an action. Insiders call it the “call to action.” In many areas of advertising, you can frequently see explicit requests such as “Buy product xxx now” or “Sign up now.” Many users feel directly addressed and are more likely to carry out the desired action than if you let them decide for themselves. Therefore, sometimes it certainly makes sense to directly and clearly communicate the desired action to your Facebook fans, such as writing a comment or clicking on a link.

Tip 4: Regularly change your cover photo

Frequently redesigning and replacing your Facebook cover photo is an action that leads to many likes and comments, as can also be seen on private profiles. Thanks to its panoramic format (851 x 315 pixels), the Facebook cover photo looks more appealing than images in the standard format, and messages such as “Page XY changed its cover photo” often evoke reactions such as likes and comments. Besides, cover photos are ideally suited for slogans and sales messages. There are only a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Tip 5: Create regular “campaigns”

For this one, you will have to get a little creative. I will give you a small example: I once designed a campaign for a music magazine over a period of several weeks. This consisted of posting a large letter of the alphabet placed on a fancy graphic every day and challenging the users to name all artists beginning with this letter that they could think of. It worked great, and some people even commented more than once. Within just a few hours there was a substantial amount of comments below the picture, which showed nothing but a single letter. This example clearly proves that simple ideas can generate quite a lot of traffic.

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