Acquire customers on the web: 6 tips for more contacts

Acquire customers on the web

Whatever your business is, you need to acquire a website in order to get customers. The Internet offers you a range of really inexpensive ways that you can use as a smart businessman or businesswoman in your favor and also should your friends. I will show you here, 6 tips from my own experience, which can easily be transferred to quite a few types of business.

Tip 1: Set up your own website

Maybe you already have a website, maybe not. If not, you should urgently purchase one because a site may be required later in the background for your customers. You need to make only a little preliminary work or afford. If you have no website, you may first create a cheap web space at the reliable German provider Starting with only 4,95 € per month you are in and the first 3 months are free of charge. In your account, you can install the software "WordPress" by pressing a button and after registration, enter your own pre-selected domain and use immediately. With WordPress, you have the freedom to choose from thousands of free templates. This is completely sufficient under certain circumstances to start. If you want to sell luxury watches, maybe you need something created by an expert or even a complete online store solution. But for this example operation, you need nothing more just 2 hours!

Tip 2: Specialization is the key

I did want to believe earlier, but specialization is a possible key to continuous cash flow. I have, for example, specialized almost 3 years ago as a TYPO3 freelancer and have more than just a stable income. Before that I was a "normal web designer" who offered somehow everything possible. Of course, I still do many other things besides TYPO3, but I have sometimes more requests from this area that are dear to me, and I’m starting already to search for employees. You can do that too! If you are selling products, try to put your best-selling product in the focus, rather than to treat all products equally. If you have a product or service that your customers are already crazy of, you sell the other products with ease by the way.

Tip 3: Optimize your website for Google

Let's not fool ourselves. There are many search engines, but only one is really relevant to your start. Of course I'm talking about Google. Usually to take a position at Google on page 2 or 3 is not enough. You need to appear on page 1, when someone searches for your product or your service. Of course, not by entering your company name or your own name, because after that very few people are looking for you. Here we are back to the "specialization", because the principle "less is more" applies here. Do not try to optimize the home page of your site for each of your keywords, but concentrate on your best sellers. The best one keyword or a combination, such as "Online Marketing Agency" and you're so well served. Find a professional who supports you in case of doubt.

Tip 4: Transparency and openness makes Friends

Show yourself on the Internet. You do not have your whole private life reveal to be transparent to your customers. But they usually want to know, as a rule, from whom they can acquire. Therefore, it is important to offer not only selling stock photos and lengthy or even trivial texts, but to give a look behind the scenes, for example, through “About Us” or “Our production page”. The best course is enhanced by appealing photos.

Tip 5: Testimonials – Let’s acquire the satisfaction for you

If you already have customers who are completely satisfied with your services or your products, please let other possible potential customers know! There is nothing better than recommendations. This creates trust. Your customers are of course not saying write recommendations for your website and send. You have to ask them about it. Be proactive and you'll get the most valuable advertising text, which you can get for free.

Tip 6: contact forms are not "out"

Time and again, customers come to me and say a contact form would not be necessary for them, because anyway no one would use it. Funnily enough, some of these customers have initially contacted me via my contact for the first time. And till today - we write actually already 2016 - my contact is still used quite frequently. I would say that at least 50% of all requests arrive to me via my contact.

Final word: Of course there are numerous other ways (for example, a landing page) is to make the customer on the Internet easier to contact you and over

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