Growl Messages with Notify.js are really cool

Growl Messages

Most of us know Growl messages from various web applications or as the famous Notification System for Mac OS. They are the small pop-up windows, which only display a short message at the edge of the browser screen and disappear after a few seconds. This can be useful, for example, when completing a form.

Notify.js is a small and useful Notification plug-in for jQuery, which makes it possible to integrate even complex growl messages into a website very quickly and easily. It provides the right CSS with it and it's quite easy to customize the code to your own needs.

Features of Notify.js at a glance

  • Includes a pre-made style for Bootstrap
  • Includes 4 default styles: success, error, info and warn
  • You can add your own custom styles extremely easy
  • Numerous positioning options
  • Comes with a good documentation

Creating custom styles for Growl Messages is amazingly easy!

Notify.js has a special feature to create the custom styles. It's possible to create Growl Messages without additional CSS files. A simple array, directly written into the JavaScript code, will be converted into valid CSS automatically.

Notify.js DEMO with Custom Styles

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