Instant WordPress Themes vs Custom

WordPress Themes

WordPress makes it easy to create great websites quickly and easily. Most web hosts already offer WordPress pre-installed. At least, however, a feature that installs the popular CMS automatically on the server. There are currently a few thousand free WordPress Themes that can be installed very quickly and easily. WordPress Themes for small money purchase is also possible. This allows a blog or a small company website to be created by the boss himself. Very handy, but is this really the most professional way? And can I use the full potential of the Internet with the pre-designed theme?

Admittedly, as a web designer, I have feared instant WordPress Themes often in the past. I was still new to the business and thought that they could take away my work. Today I know better.

Buy WordPress Themes: Sure Why Not?

It is not necessarily bad to use ready-made themes for WordPress. It depends on the goal of the site and the budget available. In some cases, a finished WordPress theme is more economical.

A possible scenario for a instant theme

A modular kayak dealer would like to sell a particular product and create a landing page. He would like to promote exclusively with Google AdWords or facebook ads for a short period of time. In this case, the loading speed of the website is more relevant for the visitor, but not for Google. As visitors are guided to the landing page through paid advertising, the use of SEO measures is not required. Since the merchant has a fast web server, and the Landing Page contains only a few content, he can safely use an instant theme.

When buying WordPress Themes makes less sense

Often the following is the case: The instant theme contains either functions that are not required for the website, or certain functions are not included. Themes with too many features or unnecessary CSS and HTML output in the front end, ensure longer loading times the visitor has to bear. Google also does not like to see websites load unnecessary resources or are too slow. The key word here is Google PageSpeed. Although it is not necessary to have a PageSpeed ​​value of 100, but a well-optimized website should already be in the green area. Above all, also in the display on mobile devices.

Sometimes it happens that you want to buy a certain theme, but it does not contain a specific function for which you need a plugin. With each additional plugin the administrative expenses increase. In addition, there is the danger that a plugin programmer will stop the development, and you will be a customer without support. This is quite common.

The unique benefits of a custom theme

I always advise my customers about the programming of a Custom WordPress theme, if the performance and the individuality or the corporate design are in the foreground. Large companies are more likely to create custom themes with professional agencies. No problem with an appropriate budget. Particularly with larger websites from 1000 visitors per day, every kilobyte is crucial for the traffic consumed, every second less loading time more pleasant for the visitor, and full flexibility in terms of functionality required.

With a custom theme you can integrate exactly the functionality that is needed. Be it your own widgets, special post templates or special features for the design. No more and no less. Just custom.

Pro and Contra - The Overview

Instant Theme Custom Theme
100% Freedom to design NO YES
High PageSpeed NO YES
Low costs YES NO
Automatic Updates YES NO

The table is merely intended to illustrate the most common advantages and disadvantages. In principle, the article is only intended to help make a better choice. If you have further experiences, ideas, suggestions or criticism, leave a comment and we discuss it.

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