Roav Dashcam C1 makes you drive smarter

ROAV Dashcam C1

The technology company Anker enters the accessory market for cars. As a starting point for the new Roav brand, there is the Roav Dashcam C1 - more gadgets are to follow.

The market for smart car accessories is in steady growth. More and more manufacturers are offering their own devices. These should make the journey easier or more enjoyable for the drivers. The technology company Anker is also entering the business with a specially founded submarket. Under the name of Roav, the company will distribute products for vehicles. The beginning is made by a small dashcam for the windshield.

Roav: That's in the camera

With a size of 72x62x38 mm, the Roav Dashcam does not bother if you attach it to the windshield. Behind the rear-view mirror, it is almost invisible to the occupants. A Sony sensor in Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) records at 30 frames per second, which should be great for the recognition of number plates. The angle of view drops very far at 145 degrees and draws almost the entire area in front of the front windshield. Thanks to the built-in night-hawk technology, the Roav Dashcam is also equipped for night-time journeys.

Also suitable for use when standing

Even in the deactivated state, the camera starts recording immediately in the event of a collision. This works according to Anker not only during the ride, but also when the car is standing. If another car commits to the vehicle when parking, the Roav Dashcam takes everything. The built-in GPS sensor should also ensure that users of the camera can easily track their vehicle via app. With this app you can also watch the recorded videos. Or directly on the 2.4 inch display of the cam.

If you are interested in the Roav Dashcam, you will find it from 3 August 2017 at the online retailer Amazon. For a short time the manufacturer with the coupon code "ROAVAUTO" even offers a discount of 20 percent.

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Buyer "B Hughes" on Amazon says:

Roav customer support is incredible! I posted a review not long after this dash cam out, listing the pro's and con's I experience. Roav CALLED ME to see if they could address the issues, and they've since release a firmware update. The firmware update addressed every single issue I saw, and the camera is perfect in my book. The video quality was always excellent, but now the rest of the camera matches!

And a nice Roav Dashcam review Video

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