Successful SEO with fast loading Websites and Optimization

Successful SEO

Successful SEO is no longer dependent on the content only. There are millions of websites out there that want to be noticed. They all try to land the first place on Google with fancy keywords and sophisticated headlines. In the SEO scene you often hear "Content is King" and everyone is concerned with the topic of content generation. But there is another very important part besides a good and user-friendly appearance of the website and its brilliant content. The technical perfection and performance, to which Google always puts more value.

You didn't know about that?

Let's talk seriously. Everyone knows that a successful website should be particularly fast compared to millions of other websites, right? Why do only so few Webmasters care about the PageSpeed for successful SEO?

The most common causes in my opinion could be:

  • The webmaster does not know better.
  • The customer does not want to pay the additional expenses
  • The WebHoster can not provide necessary functions to speed up the website

Should I invest time and effort to make my website faster?

Definitely yes! I guarantee you a fast website will be rewarded with better ranking and satisfied visitors. Of course, on condition that you already have visitors and a ranking! Maybe you are lucky and your webmaster knows the topic very well. It is important to note exactly what improvements are made in order to be able to measure the success of the optimizations later. Therefore you should secure all visitor data collected by tracking, etc. before the work begins.

My web server is too slow, what can I do to for successful SEO?

I think the first thing you should do is ask your web host for advice. If certain functions are required, they may be enabled. Some web hosts allow this on request.

If it does not work: Change the Webhost! In today's world, a good web host should be able to deliver fast pages at a technical level.

In this context, I highly recommend our web host A2 HOSTING. We have been working together for a long time and the servers are incredibly fast.

What are the typical components of a PageSpeed optimization?

From our experience as an online marketing agency, we know exactly what measures are needed to improve the PageSpeed. Some things can already be seen in the browser, some things must be checked and implemented on the server side. Here, finally, are the most frequent measures:

  • Enable browser compression for images, styles, and scripts
  • Reduce header requests in HTML code
  • Put the javascript in the footer of the HTML page
  • Remove unnecessary HTML code
  • Combining CSS and JavaScript files

Each of the individual measures, contains further options and possibilities. Which also strongly depends on which CMS or Framework is used.

Example: PageSpeed ​​optimization with TYPO3

Since we use the TYPO3 CMS for most of our customers, our developers know how to make websites faster. TYPO3 provides built-in options for compression and merge CSS and JavaScript files. TYPO3 also has an integrated caching system, which has been proven for many years.

If a good TYPO3 developer and a fast Web Host are available, very complex and large websites can be delivered quickly. You can even connect TYPO3 to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver the website even faster.

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