What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?

Once you start concerning yourself with your internet presence, at some point you might come across the term landing page. As the name suggests, it is a page that visitors “land” on. And that is exactly the purpose of said landing pages. They are the runway for potential customers or clients.

Why do you need landing pages?

A professional landing page should be understood purely as a marketing tool. In most cases, the primary goal of a landing page is to generate more revenue. Based on experience, here is a list of the most common application areas used to achieve this, although this allows for plenty of creative leeway and the list could be much longer.

  • Collecting user data for newsletters, advertising mail, etc.
  • Targeted sales of individual products or services
  • Competitions
  • Promotions
  • Surveys
  • Providing product information

Landing pages are particularly popular with insurance companies. In that case, visitors are asked to enter their personal data in order to request information on cheap insurances. This data is then stored, evaluated and passed on to representatives, who will later get in touch with the potential customer. A similar approach can be found when it comes to dentures.

A landing page helps turn internet users into potential customers in a fast and efficient way.

The Difference: Landing Page vs. Website

A landing page usually stands alone on the web, and it often even has its own domain. It is purposefully designed and constructed according to the psychological rules of online marketing. The visitor is meant to focus on one objective only. Most of the time, the objective is to perform one specific action, such as filling out a questionnaire. That is why landing pages consist of only a single page, which provides the visitor with all relevant information, as brief and concise as possible. Navigation elements with links to further pages, as well as texts or pictures on different topics only distract the visitor from the basic objective. Linking from the actual website to the landing page is unusual, considering the path is usually supposed to work the other way round.

Therefore, the main difference to conventional websites is that a landing page has a simple and targeted structure.

How do Visitors Come to the Landing Page?

There are several ways to “attract” visitors to a landing page. Let me show you the methods that I believe to be the most frequently used ones.

Search Engines

If a landing page is meant to exist for a longer period and be found by search engines such as Google, it is worth optimizing the page’s content for search engines. In this regard it is, for instance, very important whether texts and headings are integrated into the page as HTML code or graphics.

Social Media Channels

Social networks are a great way of getting visitors to a landing page. If you already have a company profile, a fan page, or you are active in forums and groups, you can easily generate a few visitors.

Paid Online Advertising

If you want to progress quickly and effectively, there is basically no way around online advertising. There are unlimited possibilities available, which of course strongly depend on the topic of the landing page. The most popular advertising networks for smaller budgets are certainly Google AdWords, Facebook or high-traffic blogs. If you have the necessary means, you can also place ads and banners on large websites such as web.de, GMX, Spiegel, Bild, and Stern. Here, however, the budget for a simple advertising campaign will start at around 2000-3000$.

At a low cost, you can create ads on Google and Facebook that are directed at specific target groups.


The online magazine “Hubspot” lists 15 examples of good landing pages in a slightly older article. You can find the article here.


In principle, almost anyone presenting their company on the internet can generate more revenue by using a landing page. It takes a good deal of creativity and the willingness to invest some time and perhaps also some money. However, much can be achieved with just a small budget.

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